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Senior roller skating course

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  • Roller Sports Rules

  • Maintenance of Inline Speed Skating Equipment

  • Training Of Inline Speed Skating

  • Inline Freestyle Technique

  • Roller To Ice

When you have a certain gliding ability, You begin to experience the fun of roller skating, To further enhance the experience, You can increase your taxi speed, You can also learn cool fancy tricks, Fans in the southern region can also experience the fun of true ice, Roller skating advanced tutorial will meet your full range of technical learning needs, The course will have professional and detailed speed skating training to improve, System and intuitive flat fancy roller skating technology demonstration, Fast and efficient turn-on-ice adaptation skills, This course compared with the roller skating basic course production and shooting equipment have been greatly upgraded, All video demonstrations of gliding technology use high-definition high-speed camera for 180 frames of slow playback, And by using aerial photography, To more intuitively demonstrate the gliding trajectory of the action, Learners can watch the details of the technical movements in more detail.

Speed roller skating teaching article respectively from land training, sliding technology, strength training three aspects of comprehensive system demonstration, all technical action and training method is now very efficient and professional training methods, can effectively improve technical action specification degree, and more efficient sliding speed, for professional training and want to improve the speed of learners, this course is the most comprehensive video learning courses.

Flat fancy courses of existing teaching video summary, induction, and combined with the latest competition rules, and the selected technology, is divided into three parts, respectively based teaching, mainly is the basis of double round action, the second part to improve, action difficulty has very big promotion, set up a lot of single round and single foot action, master these action for learners link action, form combo technology plays a key role

Roller skating advanced course the biggest characteristic is set up the detailed rotation ice adaptive technology practice, can make the roller skating lovers more safe, efficient and fast from roller skating technology to skating technology, the pursuit of excellence, experience ability peak, perfect self personality, life is like roller skating, bend down not yield, but in order to better accelerate, welcome you to join the roller skating senior tutorial, take you into the roller skating palace!

· Improve roller skating skills, master the scientific training methods of roller skating enthusiasts


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