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HIIT & Body Weight Training: A 4-week Home Workout Program

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Be your own Personal Trainer: Bodyweight Workouts that boosts testosterone, help with muscle building and/or weight loss

  • able to lose 2 lbs of fat per week (8 lbs in total). Weight loss will be more as there will be some water weight too!
  • You'll work your fast twitch and very fast twitch muscle fibres which otherwise don't get worked when you are simply doing cardio
  • You'll SAVE a lot of time. No gym means no traffic!
  • You'll SAVE a ton of money


  • Yoga Food
  • Willingness to tolerate some discomfort [as HIIT workouts are pretty intense!]


Fortunately, I am in the beautiful country of Thailand during the filming of this course. :) 

In the body weight & HIIT workouts videos that I have created for you, you'll be able to enjoy the sound of birds chirping in the park, soothing sound of waves on the beach, besides other things...

Ok, let's get serious now. 

We all know that you don't need a gym to get fit and lose weight. 

What about building muscle?

Sure, you can build muscle with bodyweight training, but there is a limit. Let me be honest: If you need a body like me, then you need to hit the weights!

But, if your desire is to lose weight (and lot's of it), tone up, shape up and get super-fit, this course is for you. 

Here are the benefits that will accrue to you when you complete this 4-week program in a manner I recommend, then:

- You'll be able to lose 2 lbs of fat per week (8 lbs in total). Weight loss will be more as there will be some water weight too!

- You'll get super-fit

-You'll work your fast twitch and very fast twitch muscle fibres which otherwise don't get worked when you are simply doing cardio

-As a result, your body will release a lot of human growth hormone which helps boost testosterone. All this will help you build muscle faster and also make you look younger:)

(HGH is also called the 'Fountain of Youth')

-You'll SAVE a lot of time. No gym means no traffic!

-You'll SAVE a ton of money. I will be your personal trainer in each video, motivating, guiding you throughout. 

The videos are follow-along. All you need to do is simply follow me along and keep your ear open to the tips and suggestions I keep giving while working out, and you'll be fine!

I'll also immediately reply to any doubts or queries. 

Lot of money saved on Personal coaching

Money saved by not joining a gym

You get the point. 

Here are the Features and Bonuses you will get with this course:

-ALL Body Weight and HIIT Workout Video's neatly divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

5 Types of Workout Videos for each level: 

Full Body Workout

Cardio Conditioning, 

Lower Body Workout

Planks Variation Workout

Upper/Side/Lower Abs Workout

-Workout Calendar for 4 weeks. Which workouts to do when. All explained

What this course is NOT:

-Collection of you-tube videos and calling it a course! Instead, every exercise/movement has been given an intensity level and have been carefully combined with other movements based on the given trainee's fitness levels and the type of workout video. 

For example: Knee Pushup are great for beginners and most of them are not able to do standard pushups. Whereas an advanced trainee can easily do diamond pushups which is super-tough to do!

At the same time, a detailed table is provided for people of all levels and 'what workout video to do when' in what combinations, on what days is explained clearly. 

Bonus Videos & Resources:

50+ Page Nutrition Guide (including 40+ recipes) to make the most out of this program

21-Day Vegetarian Diet Plan

21-Day Non Vegetarian Diet Plan

Flexibility Training-Static Stretches covering your entire body!

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight without joining a gym

  • Anyone who wants to shape up and get toned without any equipments

  • Anyone who wants to get fit


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